We offer a spare key for Audi Q7.

We can offer you Genuine Audi Q7 car keys

At our workshop we offer a comprehensive spare car key service for Audi Q7, offering both genuine Audi Q7 car keys or our own brand Audi Q7 car keys .  Just call our workshop to arrange an appointment, have a seat in our waiting area and we will have your spare car key ready in no time. For your Audi Q7 we can offer a genuine remote key or a more cost effective car key with no locking feature at a lower cost, this car key will open and start your vehicle but it will not have the remote car key functionality, but is less the less expensive car key option. A spare Audi Q7 remote car key will cost 340.00 coded at our workshop. A non remote car key will cost 90.00.

We can also offer a mobile spare car key service on this car Our mobile Auto locksmith will call to your vehicle to supply you with a spare audi Q7 key. A spare car key will cost 340.00 coded at any location in Dublin

If you require a spare Audi Q7 car key outside of Dublin please call our head office number 01-4600900 for a quotation.

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Lost Car Keys

If you have lost the keys to your Audi Q7, We can call to you to create new car keys in a lost key situation. Our Mobile Auto locksmiths are equipped with The latest car key coding equipment and carry genuine car keys coding equipment. AutoKey’s lost car keys service sets us apart from our competitors. Being Ireland’s first, AA appointed car Key Specialists and achieving membership to the SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) ensures you receive the highest quality services from Autokey.ie that is simply not available from any other mobile locksmith offering a similar service – you are guaranteed to receive a top quality service that will not compromise your vehicle in any way. 

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Key Refurbishments 

We also offer a key refurbishment service for Audi car keys.
If you are having problems with your original car keys we can refurbish your car keys back to new fully working condition. To avail of this service you need to leave your key into our workshop (key only, we don’t need the vehicle). This is a while you wait service

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Engine Management Problems 

We offer a full engine management fault finding service for your Audi Q7.  If you have problems with your audi Q7 ecu, we can test and repair your car ecu we have the ability to bench test you Audi ecu without your vehicle  and have all components in stock to keep your downtime to a minimum.

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ABS Problems

We offer a repair service on a wide variety of ABS modules including your Audi Q7 abs unit.
With today’s modern ABS systems our electronic engineers working along side our mechanics have come up with many solutions for the repair of the modern ABS module.  The most common fault present is Break Pressure Sensor Failure. These repairs will normally take 24 hours but some may take longer also fault codes 00287 is common.

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Immobilising Systems

We offer an immobiliser repair service for your Audi Q7.
Today’s immobiliser systems are very complex and becoming even more complex on newer models.  The owner of AutoKey (Jason Coogan) and his senior electronics engineers are frequently consulted worldwide on various immobiliser systems and have worked with companies as far away as Australia.  We are technical advisers for a number of companies in the UK and throughout Europe, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with the most qualified people in the business when you contact AutoKey for immobiliser problems.

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Electronic Steering Lock Repairs

We are very familiar with problems on electronic steering locks and can deal with your problem promptly and effectively. The movement of your Audi will be restricted with a steering lock problem and we may have to recover your Audi Q7 and bring it to our workshop to complete the repairs.  We can assist you at the roadside in most cases, however if your vehicle needs to be recovered, we can bring your Audi Q7  to Autokey Newlands Cross Dublin 22

Courtesy Module (comfort Module Kessy Module)

These modules are more common on the VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) range of vehicles. Responsible for the interior functions of the vehicle and remote key functions we can repair and recode these modules as per your needs.  In some cases we require the unit to be coded while on the vehicle.

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Instrument Cluster Repairs

We repair any problem you may have with your instrument cluster: illumination problems are a common fault.  We have fantastic capabilities repairing these modules due to the fact that we have bench rigs made for almost all models that have common failures. We can simulate any condition on a vehicle’s cluster without the vehicle being present, however after some repairs we may need to recode the cluster and would need your Audi Q7 to be brought in to Autokey Newlands Cross Dublin 22.

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ECU Repairs

At Autokey we can repair or re-condition all types of problems with ECU’s for Audi Q7.

The most common problems associated with this Audi are:

  • No Communications with the module
  • No Spark
  • No Fuel pressure
  • No Injection
  • Water Damaged

We have dealt with and resolved all of these problems on numerous occasions and are confident we can resolve your issue also. To resolve the problem we will need your vehicle in our workshop for approximately 48 hours.

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