ECU: Engine Control Unit

At Autokey we carry out Engine Control Unit repairs as a regular daily task. An ECU repair can be performed at a fraction of the main dealer cost. We have the diagnostic tools and experience to repair all types of ECU problems. We are experienced and qualified vehicle electronic specialists.
When your vehicles engine management light (EML), otherwise known as Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) illuminates on your dashboard, it is indicating an electrical break down within your vehicle electronics system. Some vehicles will enter what is known a limp mode or limp home mode. This is a failsafe mode and the car electronics will revert to its basic settings in order for the vehicle to be driven to an auto electrician.

Autokey specialise in all areas of car electronics, diagnostics and vehicle repairs. We are based at Newlands Cross, Dublin and are Irelands leading authority in electrical vehicle repairs.
At our workshop we carry out a variety of Engine Control Unit services including ECU testing, ECU reconditioning and ECU renewal where requested.

ECU fix and ECU services

ECU Repairs: We can repair your vehicles Engine control Unit without the cost of a replacement ECU. Our ECU specialists can carry out an ECU bench test and diagnose the problem with a view to repair your control unit.

ECU Testing: A lot of ECU repairs come to us from Main Dealers or other vehicle workshops that are unsure of the exact problem with the vehicle and are not familiar with the diagnostic trouble codes. We always carry out a full vehicle diagnostic upon each vehicles arrival. This ensures the vehicle electronic system is fully tested. An ECU test is carried out on the unit itself in order to pinpoint the exact break down and ECU repair procedure required.



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