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There are a number of van locks available on the market today. One of the very best available is the Deadlock.


Dead Locks have an excellent track record in the industry and have been used with a great degree of success for many years and still tend to be the lock of preference for many van drivers. Deadlocks are suitable for most makes and models of vans on the road, as they offer great peace of mind.

A deadlock is a mechanism fitted directly to the door which offers enhanced protection by adding an extra locking point on the door. Used by a large number of fleet and private operators, the van deadlock augments the existing manufacturers locking system allowing the driver to decide when each door is locked/unlocked.

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Slam Locks

Slam locks provide piece of mind by ensuring that the van door automatically locks when closed. As a result Slam locks are preferred by many multi drop vehicles such as couriers and fleet companies to ensure they security of their cargo during a delivery. Slam locks help to eliminate the threat of opportunist theft as a result of a driver leaving a door unlocked.

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L4V Slam Locks

L4V Slamlocks are a simple yet highly effective and robust security solution that works on nearly all commercial vehicles including nearly all vans with cab doors tailgates, double doors or side sliding doors. L4v Slamlocks are known to be simple and easy to fit.


SlamPlate provides increased integrity and strength of the OEM locking system and incorporates our SlamLock. It will automatically lock when the vehicle door closes and cannot be reopened unless the correct high-security key is used, ensuring the door is always locked and dramatically reducing the chance of theft.

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ProPlate offers the same type of protection as other handle protection products but it has no holes to drill (not invalidating manufacturer’s paint warranty/issues of rust) and is designed to follow the contours of the handle, acting as a great visual deterrent for half the price of our competitors handle protection plates.

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Loom Guard shields the exposed and vulnerable central locking wires which can be seen from the exterior and easily cut. Loom Guard is an Autokey original product designed to prevent this. Whilst many have copied our solution, no-one has matched it. Our Loom Guard is a perfect solution to the problem and is only a small price to pay to protect your van and prevent this from happening.

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