Here at AutoKey we can provide a wide variety of Auto locksmith services for our customers.

Roadside Rescue

At Autokey we offer a rescue service where, if you have lost, broken or locked your keys in your car, we can call to you and have you back on the road with a minimum of fuss or disruption to your day. We are leaders in the field of automotive immobilizer diagnostics and we have the capabilities to resolve most situations on the side of the road – however if your problem cannot be fixed by our mobile engineers we can arrange to send a tow-truck to recover your vehicle to our workshop for completion of the work required.

Recode Keys To Vehicle

If you have had your original or spare set of keys stolen, we can recode the keys you have to your vehicle so that the lost or stolen keys will no longer be able to start your vehicle.

Transponder Keys

Most of today’s vehicle keys have what is called a transponder in the head of the key. This transponder is programmed to start your vehicle, without it your going nowhere. We can supply transponder keys for most vehicles on the market today.

Lost Keys

If you have lost all of the keys to your vehicle, Don’t panic as we can provide you with original dealer level keys cut and programmed to your vehicle.

Recode Locks

We can mechanically recode the locks on your vehicle ensuring the old keys are useless for the door locks or ignition barrel.

High Security Slam Locks/Dead Locks

We can supply and fit high security

Slam Locks and Dead Locks to all vehicles.

We can also repair any damage to existing locks that may have occurred during an attempted break-in.

Vehicle Opening

At Autokey we are specialized in using the most up to date methods and techniques when picking vehicle locks open. We don’t use rods or crude tools in vehicles. We would consider this is a very unprofessional way of opening vehicles as it can damage your vehicle. Unfortunately we are often called to vehicle’s when other locksmiths have failed to open the vehicle and have caused damage in the process. We also open vehicles electrically and are pioneers in this method. With today’s manufacturers insisting on using more advanced security measures it has become impossible to open some of the more advanced vehicles using the normal methods so we can utilize the most advanced electrical opening methods.

Spare Keys

It is always advisable to have a spare set of car keys. These can be invaluable in time, and hassle saved in the event of loss or damaged keys. It is also good for the resale value of your vehicle to have a spare set.



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