Did you know very few car manufacturers design or create immobilizer systems actually a lot of manufacturers use different variants of the same immobilizer system, here are some examples:

  • Bentley Continental and Volkswagen Touareg use the same keys and immobilizer system
  • Ferrari F430 and Alfa 147 use the same electronic body module and key technology
  • Jaguar keys and remotes are the same as ford keys and remotes
  • Mini and BMW immobilizers and keys contain the same technology
  • Maserati keys and electronics are the same as fiat
  • Lexus and Toyota use the same immobilizer systems
  • Smart cars and Mitsubishi colt use the same keys and immobilizer system


Smart keys have been compromised the feature of the smart key will allow the driver to keep the key in their pocket the vehicle will sense the key within the radius of the vehicle and automatically open and when the driver enters the vehicle the car will sense the key and allow the vehicle to start.

Most vehicles now use remote central locking systems these systems use radio frequency keys with a send and receive button to open and lock your vehicle these frequency can be blocked by jammers that will block the signal to a vehicle locking system leaving the owner with an unlocked vehicle.

The latest technology for remote frequency are code grabbers they are tools that will grab the locking code from a distance and calculate the next opening code and sending this to the vehicle allowing the user of the tool to open and close the vehicle as if they have a key without the knowledge of the owner.