I Lost my car keys what should I do?

Main dealers are not equipped to deal with lost or broken car keys in an efficient or cost effective manner, no car dealership or main dealer stock keys or have key cutting capabilities unless you are prepared to be without your vehicle and in some cases have substantial bills for keys main dealers are not a good option.

However there are companies who just deal in car keys and will have mobile key cutting equipment with keys available for your vehicle.

The procedure for making a key for a vehicle will vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

All vehicles require codes for cutting a key and programming a key to the vehicles network will also require a code most if not all vehicles have these codes contained in various control units within the vehicle a good auto locksmith or electronics engineer should have the relevant knowledge and tools to extract these codes and cut and code a vehicle key with minimal disruption to your journey.

Choosing a reputable car key company since it’s an unregulated area we can offer you some simple guidelines to follow locksmiths may not have the skills to complete the job on todays hitech vehicles but if you choose to use a locksmith company insure they only specialise in vehicle key coding and electronics and not in all areas of the industry

20 years ago vehicles were 90% mechanical 10% electronics now it’s the complete opposite you should only employ the services of a specialised auto locksmith or electronics technician not a general operative locksmith or a garage with no auto locksmith.