Car keys are the most important part of your vehicles security the basic car thief now needs access to your car keys to steal your vehicle, However more sophisticated car thieves do not need access to your car keys and can steal your car within minutes with various electronic devices.

In this article we will offer advice on how to combat both types of car theft and offer you insights into the latest methods used by both the basic car thief and the more advanced thief.


 Here are some ways your car could be stolen

  • Keys were taken from your person or home
  • Vehicle targeted by professional car thieves
  • Key swapping by car thieves
  • Rogue Locksmiths or back street garages


Person Or Home

Protecting your car keys at home will involve all the basic rules of protecting any of your belongings

Professional Car Thieves 

Professional car crime is on the increase organised skilled car thieves are operating all over the world Methods differ from country to country but the results are the same vehicles are being targeted for the lucrative car parts market car thieves no longer favour the expensive car with added security they favour the more common car with little or no added security.

Car cloning is becoming more popular with the professional thief this is a method by where the thief will find an innocent vehicle identical to a vehicle previously stolen and use the registration and in number from the innocent vehicle to clone onto the stolen vehicle.

Car hire theft is another form of car crime on the increase after stealing a car from a car hire company the offender will higher the mileage and advertise the vehicle at a very low price to the unsuspecting buyer it’s a bargain but as in all these cloning and car hire thefts in time it will be discovered and in all cases of a purchaser buying a stolen vehicle the vehicle will be taken from the purchaser no way to retrieve their money spent on the vehicle.

We Have A Solution

Key Swapping 

This is a method used when a car thief has test driven a vehicle but after the test drive the thief returns the car but with the incorrect car key the key he offers back to the unsuspecting person selling the vehicle is in fact from another car and the thief returns another day or night with the correct key he has swapped on the test drive to steal the vehicle.

Key Cloning 

Another method is when a consumer uses the services of a rogue locksmith or back street garage that will clone or code extra keys to the vehicle without your knowledge.