The key of your car has changed a lot in recent years, however, most car drivers are not completely aware of the key technology operating your vehicle.

The car key has become crucial electronic component for your vehicle.


Previous to the introduction of the transponder chip to vehicle keys they were just steel or brass keys that would mechanically open and start your vehicle, The introduction of the transponder was a breakthrough in vehicle security car keys now consist of a key blade to open a vehicle a transponder to allow starting of the vehicles immobilizer system a radio frequency send and receive function that will remotely open your vehicle, The latest keys now use proximity technology that will allow the vehicle to sense the presence of a vehicle key to allow opening and starting of a vehicle just by the key being in the proximity of the vehicle.

The transponder was introduced for vehicle security now with the advances in technology vehicle manufacturers are introducing all kinds of additional features to car keys are now becoming much more than a security device, Now they can even be used to park your car with future technology, We will be using our car keys for much much more such as home security and credit card replacement.