Welcome to our new blog Autokey we have been offering a reasonably priced more efficient alternative to having to go to the main dealer for keys in Ireland for 20 years in this blog you will be able to access a wealth of information on car keys, Vehicle Security and Vehicle Electronics.

Autokey are also Manufacturing and developing vehicle security systems you can browse our electronic vehicles security solutions at www.skybrake.ie  Skybrake is a product range we developed with our business partners Autonams in Riga Latvia,  Autonams and Autokey have a long standing relationship in vehicle security and product development leading to our companies joining forces and creating Autokey Autonams in Ireland.

Our products are sold all over the world !

Check out our products sold in brazil and our fantastic product the DD5 Gaining recognition and selling around the world

The DD5 is a Device that is installed in any vehicle its matched to a personal transponder Tag that stays on your person if the transponder is not present when the vehicle is started with the keys the DD5 “ACTIVATES” and starts a process of immobilising the vehicle.

The DD5 prevents a vehicle from being stolen even when the thief has the vehicle keys !

Welcome and enjoy!