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Replacement Key

Replacement Key

I was using my android smart phone through my home WiFi and searched AutoKey replacement key, the Google search showed your website name and below a contact link which displayed a mobile phone number, when I called this number a Dublin man answered who behaved unprofessional with his tone of voice and no manners. Absolute pig. Not to mention him hanging up the phone call. At this stage i realised there was another number for autokey on google I then rang the landline number from the AutoKey.ie website. I spoke to a Paul and explained to him my previous call to them, Paul asked for the number, he found out it was a mobile locksmith, that doesn't have any connection to AutoKey. The staff at AutoKey conducted them self's in a very professional manner and are very helpful. Thank you for my replacement key!

Tyrone H

Advice has been amazing

Kamil Mahajan

I bought a car about 2 years ago and since then annual service, any ad-hoc visits or general information/advice been amazing.Thanks to Steven for his friendliness and caring a(...)

Amazing service

Kenneth Keegan

Recently got my key fixed and car serviced from the guys. Very friendly and the receptionist its very good with directions to the place. Amazing service. Would recommend them (...)