GPS Tracking device

Mechanical and temperature characteristics
Dimensions (without connector) 85 x 56 x 21 mm
Length of cable with connector 500mm
IP (Ingress Protection) IP40
Operational temperature range -35°C …+55°C (ambient)
Power Ratings
Operating/nominal voltage of Device 8 – 32V / 12V, DC
Current consumption (average) 40mA @ 24V, 70mA @ 12V
Power supply ratings 8…32V DC, 10W max
 Other Integrated fuse (1.5A trip current);
Reverse polarity protection;
Module uBlox SARA-G3
Frequency bands 900/1800 MHz
Other features GPRS Class 10 , SMS
Antenna Internal
Module uBlox MAX-7W
GPS 56 channels, sensitivity up to -162dBm
Antenna External active antenna
Other Antenna short-circuit and open-circuit detection
Other features
Inputs Up to 4 digital inputs (8-36V), 10kOhm input impedance (only 2 inputs for standard configuration)
1 external analogue input (8-36V), 100kOhm input impedance
1 internal analogue input for Device’s supply voltage monitoring
Fuel level meter sensors (up to 8 pieces)*
FMS/CAN data interface, operation speeds up to 1 Mb/s (possible to read vehicle’s internal computer data), OBD connectivity*
Vehicle’s built-in fuel level sensor’s interface module for fuel level measurements even when vehicle’s ignition is off (!)*
Outputs 1 open-drain digital output (maximum allowed voltage – 42V, maximum continuous current 3A)*
I/O  1-wire interface (possible to connect i-Button, temperature sensors, other devices)*
RS232 interface, operation speeds up to 250 kbps (possible to connect “Garmin” navigation Device)*
Motion sensor Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection and acceleration measurements
Sound indicator Built-in buzzer for alarms and notifications.*
Memory Built-in 2Gbit NAND flash memory for data storage
Possibility to change the firmware of Device remotely via IP (FOTA).
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GPS Tracking device