Thanks to the relentless efforts of car manufacturers, vehicle-related crime rates have fallen considerably over recent decades. However, risks do remain. Highlighting this fact, figures obtained by The Irish Times revealed that for the first time in six years, vehicle theft rose in 2014. Dublin is a particular hotspot for this activity. It accounted for 53% of all car thefts nationally during the first half of last year. Over this six-month period, a total of 2,035 vehicles were reported stolen in the city. This was a 9% increase compared with the same time in 2013.

It is impossible to completely rule out the risk that your car will be targeted by criminals, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important to have suitable insurance in place. Fortunately, it is now simple to arrange such financial cover. You can check out a range of options, including the Chill car insurance policies now on offer. It’s also vital that you take the issue of car security seriously. If you want to reduce the risk of theft, take a look at this simple guide.

Take care of your keys

It’s now very difficult for people to steal cars if they don’t have the right keys, which is why it’s imperative that you take good care of these small but crucial items. Make sure you don’t leave your keys on display in your hallway where they can easily be reached from the front door. Also, when you’re out and about with your keys, always keep them safely hidden away in secure pockets or bags.

Meanwhile, if you do lose your keys or they are stolen from you, it’s wise to approach a reputable company to get a new set of car locks fitted as soon as possible, or re-key to another key in order to prevent thieves from taking your vehicle. Once this process has been completed, the missing keys will no longer start your vehicle, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind that it’s once again secure.

Always follow the safety basics

There are certain safety basics that you should follow at all times. For example, always remove your keys from the ignition and engage the steering lock when you leave your car unattended. Also, be sure to lock up even if you’re only leaving your vehicle for a few moments. You never know when criminals will strike. It’s important to check that your doors are locked too. Bear in mind that thieves are now known to use special jamming devices to block signals from owners’ remote controls, preventing these locking systems from working.

In addition, make sure your windows are completely shut and take your possessions away with you, or lock them out of sight in your boot.


When it comes to parking your car at home, use a locked garage if possible. Elsewhere, aim for areas that are well lit and are covered by CCTV.

Fit a suitable anti-theft device

For additional security and peace of mind, fit an anti-theft device like an immobiliser or alarm. If you’re purchasing a new car, pay close attention to the built-in security features. You might also want to have your registration number etched onto all your car windows. This can serve as an inexpensive and effective deterrent to professional thieves.

By following advice like this, you can minimise the risk that you’ll fall victim to vehicle crime.