Our latest Innovation

Here at AutoKey have developed a groundbreaking new vehicle security system. This system combines our industry leading experience in vehicle electronics with our Vehicle locksmith skills to create a product which is hidden from view and offers amazing protection for all vehicles . We have Developed an electronic bolt locking system which is operated on a remote function. This  electronic bolt can be linked to the original manufacturer remote or we can supply a separate remote to operate the system.

We believe slam lock fitted to commercial vehicles only attract thieves to break into your vehicle . We have also noticed an increase in attacks on vehicles with these locks. With our electronic bolt there are no visible signs that extra security has been fitted to the vehicle. Below we have images showing a slam lock being opened with a tin opener in less than 3 minutes. This test shows how easy it is to steal a van fitted with such locks

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We have engineered a electronic bolt locking system which is operated on a remote function. This shoot bolt can be linked to the original manufacturer remote or we can supply a separate remote to operate the system. Our locks are protected from all kinds of attack our experience over the years has show us the methods that thieves are using and with our worldwide industry partners, we are aware of methods being used all over the world and incorporate devices and protection methods to combat these entry  methods.Unlike the slam locks which are fitted to most commercial vehicles this lock cannot be opened by simply drilling a hole between the slam lock and original handle and pushing the rod which connects both. 

We also incorporate an Electronic Blot monitoring system to our locks offering you the option to know if your locks are being tampered with or are under attack this system will notify you if your vehicle or locks are under attack. This system can also be fitted to the boot of a car offering you peace of mind while having valuables in your car or commercial vehicle.

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