Designed for Cars and other vehicle types, the DD5 is offered with one or two engine disable modules and with motion sensing. It has been specially created using Double Dialogue Encrypting and communication methodology.

Skybrake DD5 is controlled via a wireless personal transmitter. You simply have to have it with you – no additional operations are required from the driver to start the vehicle. Just start your car as normal.

Thanks to their small size, engine disable modules can be easily hidden in any car and the small size of personal transmitter allows you to comfortably keep it in your pocket or wallet.

Vehicle security has moved on from standard car alarms and immobilizers coded to your keys. Sophisticated electronic transponder key and alarm code reading, stealing keys to take your vehicle, and hijacking are only some of the areas we are targeting to help customers secure their vehicles.

Our Immobilisation and Alarm Systems are designed to be easy to use. Carry a small Wire-free Encrypted device, nobody can take your car even if they steal your keys. Simply keep your device with you when you need to drive and separate from your keys.

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Main Features

  • The solution is installed  with a b locking module and a motion sensor.
  • Ease of use – doesn’ t require additional operations from driver.
  • Compact size – makes it ’s everyday usage comfort able,  and finding almost Impossible.
  • DD (Double Dialogue ) Solution – coupled with AES 128 encrypting methodology, offers the highest possible security against breaking the code externally.