Car keys stolen

Stolen car keys are becoming a more and more common problem. Most modern vehicles keys are fitted with an immobilizer system that talks to the vehicle and allows the engine to start.

Vehicle thieves are targeting vehicle keys as it makes the vehicle theft much easier and quicker. Key fishing/Fishing keys from your hall table, stairs or key hook is a common practice.

The car thief will use a telescopic fishing rod to hook your car keys via the letterbox and steel your vehicle.

If your vehicle keys are stolen, Autokey can secure your vehicle, electronically decode any existing keys from the immobilizer system and recode any mechanical barrels. This procedure should be carried out at the earliest possible opportunity in order to reduce the risk of the car thief returning to steel your vehicle.

Most insurance policies will have cover for this type of key theft. Some insurers also provide car key cover as an added protection.

Autokey work alongside all major insurers in combating the aftermath of stolen car keys. This is a same day service for stolen car keys

Service provided

If your vehicle keys are robbed Autokey can defuse the situation, we will Arrange a recovery truck to collect your vehicle and take it to our secure premises at Newlands Cross.

We will contact your insurer and supply them with an estimate to fit a new lock set or recode your existing lock set. The estimate will also include 2 new car keys and removal of the stolen car keys from the vehicle immobilizer system.

Upon approval from your insurer, Autokey will return your vehicle at no cost to you.Some insurers will advise of an excess and your no claims bonus may be affected.

Autokey will not proceed with any operations unless authorized by the vehicle owner.

See our simple guide to simple car security.



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